January 17, 2012

Casino Movie in 14 Years

Casino is a 1995 crime drama, based on the non-fiction book of Nicholas Pileggi who is also the co-author of the screen play. Ginger (played by Sharon Stone) steps into the life of Ace (Robert De Niro) and he falls for her like a ton of bricks. Ginger however, seems to have a hidden agenda and will do anything for the right price. When Ginger realizes Ace is in love with her, she does not fall for him but for his capital instead and they end up getting married. Their marriage is based on some weird but familiar couples' accounting, so that they measure what they owe each other in terms of money and clothes and jewelry (and, oh yes, their daughter).

Only instead of a land flowing with milk and honey, fame, fortune, opportunity, and contentment at any cost, were the central attractions of the Las Vegas Strip in the 1970's to the early 80's. Sharon Stone is the true revelation in Scorsese's epic, bringing down all the king's horses and all the king's men in Ace's casino empire. She contrasts nicely from glamorous hustler to pathetic, boorish drunk. An example of her transition is evident early in the film when the just-married Ginger sobbingly calls her former pimp lover, Lester Diamond (James Woods), whom she gives money to in need.

"I wanna go in a restaurant, which happens to be in the casino..."
"to get one of those sandwiches I like?"
"Forget it. You can't even set foot in the parking lot."

In the movie, it is made clear Ginger and Lester have never married, though the real life Geri has taken the Marmor name from the real life Lester, insinuating they are indeed/have been married.

Robert De Niro as Sam 'Ace' Rothstein
Sharon Stone as Ginger McKenna/Rothstein
Joe Pesci as Nicky Santoro
James Woods as Lester Diamond
Don Rickles as Billy Sherbert
Alan King as Andy Stone
Kevin Pollak as Phillip Green
L.Q. Jones as Pat Webb
Dick Smothers as Senator
Frank Vincent as Frank Marino
John Bloom as Don Ward
Pasquale Cajano as Remo Gaggi
Melissa Prophet as Jennifer Santoro
Bill Allison as John Nance
Vinny Vella as Artie Piscano


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