November 14, 2011

Lucy Hale celebrated Veterans Day by Donating the First kiss

Lucy Hale plants a kiss on a marine’s cheek at Cosmo’s Kisses for the Troops on Friday (November 11) at NYC’s Military Island in Times Square.

Lucy-troops lucy hale cosmo kisses troops 02Lucy-troops lucy hale cosmo kisses troops 04The 22-year-old Pretty Little Liars star celebrated Veterans Day by donating the first kiss. People participating in the annual event kissed a post card, which will be delivered to servicemen overseas!

“To all of you who came out…you are awesome!!!!” Lucy tweeted, later adding, “Sry to every1 I didn’t [meet]. Due to conflicts had to leave early. I’m so sorry. I appreciate u coming out & I wish I could’ve stayed longer.”

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