October 30, 2017

Lisa Kudrow's

Currently resides in Beverly Hills, California. Was 7 months pregnant with her son, Julian, when she completed filming of the fourth season of Friends (1994). Returned to work 2 months after giving birth to her son, Julian, in order to begin filming the fifth season of Friends (1994). Lisa's paternal grandparents, David Kudrow and Gertrude Farberman, were Jewish emigrants (David from Mogilev, Belarus, and Gertrude from Ilya, Vilna Province, Belarus). Lisa's maternal grandfather, Henry Stern, was from a Hungarian Jewish family, and Lisa's maternal grandmother, Johanna Sand, was born in Germany, to Russian Jewish parents. Lisa knew her paternal great-grandmother, Mera Mordejovich, had been murdered by the Nazis during World War II but, in March 2010, on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are? (2010), she visited Ilya, Belarus and was shocked when she was shown the records that reported how Mera had been 'killed and burned' with 900 other Jews in the town. Meryl Streep politely asked Kudrow if she could make a guest appearance on Kudrow's show Web Therapy (2011). Kudrow was admittedly star-struck and surprised by the approach.

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