January 12, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite animated on Sunday night

Napoleon Dynamite became a bona fide phenomenon, and here we are, seven years later, with the show set to premiere on Sunday night after The Simpsons. The already cartoonish Napoleon Dynamite, and the gang, can be seen when the series debuts with back-to-back episodes starting Sunday on Fox.

That it got a second life surprised the actors, but not that it came back in an animated form. If you're a fan of "Napoleon Dynamite," you might be wondering what happened to its star, Jon Heder.

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Heder has long made his stance on the issue public; back in 2005, at the height of his powers, he put out the word that he would be avoiding all the sorts of indecent proposals he was receiving. The actors point to the creators for making Napoleon Dynamite seem a lot more risque than it really is.

It’s been seven years between the movie Napoleon Dynamite and FOX’s new animated series Napoleon Dynamite, and the original movie isn’t even streaming on Netflix Instant.

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