January 30, 2012

Demi Moore 911 Call Was Commented

Last week the whole online world now knows that Demi Moore was hospitalized, and the act resulted in a "semi-conscious" state that left at least one friend in a panic. That's because the 911 call placed on behalf of the actress was released to the public, something that's permitted in our justice something and something which befalls most celebrities who end up in the hospital.

"I think it's a stupid thing," the actor told The Insider, George Clooney, doesn't believe this should be the case. "I think it's stupid for anyone, whether they're celebrated or not, I don't believe their 911 call should be broadcast around the world, but that's my opinion. What's happening and what people have to remember is that people are getting famous from Facebook and Twitter, so it's not just about people here, it's about everybody. There won't be any version of privacy. So it's going to be a tricky thing."

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