January 31, 2012

And Evan Rachel Wood Loves Him?

Evan Rachel Wood is quashing rumors she and fiancé Jamie Bell plan an open marriage even though she digs chicks as well as dudes. According to a report from the National Enquirer, the co-star of Ryan Gosling in Ides of March seeks an open marriage with Bell, allowing her to sate her sapphic impulses. In other words, she wants to get it on other women.

 To buy the pretty story, it's easy. Indeed, the 24-year-old blond has bragged about her relation curiosities, and has mocked people who are repressed in the bedroom. "FYI the national enquirer makes me sick. I do not have an open marriage. They can take their lies and shove it. Sorry ladies," she posted on Twitter.

She's not married at all, well, of course Wood doesn't have an open marriage. But despite its bad reputation, the National Enquirer is usually right on the money. The National Enquirer didn't claim Wood was already married to Bell. Under these conditions it only stated she agreed to marry him. 

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