September 29, 2011


Ke$ha is best known for her song TiK Tok So it seems appropriate  that the singer is cashing in on her fame by appearing in a new ad campaign advertising watches.
Ke$ha looked stunning in the set of photos where she promotes a new line of Casio watches which she designed. Ke$ha showed off her physique in a provocative series of shots for the watches. Her complexion looked flawless during the shoot.

Casio Women's Watch BGA120C-7B1

September 27, 2011

The new Interceptor WILL BE BACK...

The new Interceptor, flared trousers optional extra

It's time to dig out your flared trousers and start growing back that moustache, because icon of the 60s and 70s, the Jensen Interceptor, is set to make a comeback, and it'll be built in Britain.

To be constructed in the former Jaguar plant at Browns Lane in Coventry, the new Jensen will be made from lightweight aluminium and the handcrafted body remains faithful to the original, with its long bonnet, fastback rear and seating for four.

The car made famous in TV series "The Sweeney" and "The Professionals" will be bringing the 60s back to UK streets in 2014, thanks to

She is a celebrity daughter and has been in the spotlight ever since she was two. Nevertheless, Lily Collins, daughter of British musician Phil Collins, is still surprised when people call out her name on the red carpet.
Collins has landed some impressive projects and has worked with stars including Sandra Bullock and Taylor Lautner in high-profile movies "Priest," "Abduction" and an adaptation of the best-selling YA series "The Mortal Instruments." A few months later, she was offered the role of Snow White in Relativity Media's Julia Roberts vehicle.
But the young actress says she needs more time to get used to the Hollywood way of life. "It feels very surreal," she told MTV at the "Abduction" red carpet. "It's weird getting out of a car and people are saying my name. It's still a weird concept to me."
Collins idolizes Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and

September 22, 2011

Whiteflash Jewelry Design

What is it that sets a Whiteflash design apart? It all starts with the raw materials, such as the metals and stones used in the creation of Whiteflash’s exclusive rings, necklaces and bracelets. We use only 950 platinum and 18 karat gold for our signature collection of Whiteflash Design diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry.
Most rings are set with A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, a super-ideal diamond cut that performs like no diamond you have seen before. Each piece of jewelry has the heft and solidity that comes with quality design that does not compromise on materials or design. Hold a ring in your hand and feel the Whiteflash difference.

Next, the designs chosen for use as a signature Whiteflash Design must display the ideal balance of tradition and innovation. Traditional, classic design elements are combined in new and surprising ways, with details that will draw every eye in the room. At the same time, a Whiteflash Design is a family heirloom in the making, so attention is always paid to ensure that the design is timeless and will look as good on your granddaughter as it does on you.

The finest materials deserve the best quality workmanship. Each piece of jewelry is brought to completion individually by a highly skilled craftsman who employs traditional jewelry manufacturing techniques such as fabrication, casting, burnishing and engraving, combined with the latest in design technology to keep the results consistently top-notch.

All of our jewelry is completed in-house, with a skilled craftsman relying on Old-World techniques, years of experience and the latest technology to ensure that your jewelry is perfect.

All this attention to detail gives our finished product the distinctive look and feel that is essential to the Whiteflash vision. Examine a Whiteflash ring carefully: note its perfectly crafted details, its delicacy and uniqueness of design, its heft and polish, its smooth lines and clean execution. This is the Whiteflash difference. This is the secret that sets us apart. 

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Top 10 Jewelry In Emmy's

The Emmy’s are a magical night. For one night of the year, the lawyers, doctors, government employees, paper salesmen, high school glee clubbers, and suburban moms that we know and love from TV transform before our eyes into their glamorous Hollywood alter egos. It’s the one night that we can imagine ourselves posing on the red carpet, hoodie sweatshirt and jeans miraculously transformed into hearts and arrows diamond jewelry and floor-sweeping couture gowns. This year’s Emmy’s were no exception, providing plenty of envy-worthy jewelry and fashion inspiration to those of us watching at home.
Here are the first five out of the ten best, most interesting and most enviable jewelry looks from a diamond-studded night.
10. Glee star Jenna Ushkowitz managed to nail the futuristic-glam look, with a geometric white-and-black dress and slicked-back hair. Her simple jewelry look consisted of two opal rings, and a pair of white gemstone earrings that provided the perfect complementary note to the daring dress.
9. Bonnie Bentley is a stunt performer, an actor from Heroes, and a fresh face on the Emmy’s red carpet. She chose a relatively casual color-blocked print dress, but accessorized it perfectly with ultra-long drop earrings in black and gold, and a black and gold cuff watch.
8. Sarah Hyland may play a bratty teenager on TV, but in real life, she is a sophisticated young lady. Hyland showed off that sophistication last night, when instead of pouring on the sparkle and glitter like many of her fellow young starlets, she accessorized her salmon-colored chiffon gown with a dazzling belt and a single cuff bracelet, which she pushed high up onto her arm for a youthful, fun look.
7. You could sum up Kirsten Wiig’s Emmy’s appearance in one word: glowing. From her shimmering brown Zac Posen gown to her huge smile, Wiig’s whole look was golden. And that trend was reflected in her jewelry—a ring, earrings and stack of bracelets in warm, golden tones, courtesy of Fred Leighton.
6. She may wear hoodies and sneakers on TV, but Aubrey Plaza managed to convey Old Hollywood glamour with her wavy hair, red lips, and dramatic white halter gown. Her jewelry was perfectly on key, with simple gold earrings and two intricately-filigreed gold cuff bracelets—one on each arm!
The first half of the top five consisted of young Hollywood starlets doing their best to make it to the A-list. The second half is where competition heats up between seasoned fashion icons and celebrated stars of the silver screen. But who will take home the top prize for best jewelry look of the night?
5. Surprise Best Actress winner Melissa McCarthy might get mixed reviews on her purple long-sleeved dress, but there is no question that she nailed the jewelry choices. A delicate and yet somehow statement-making gold necklace fit her dress’ neckline perfectly, and matching wisps of gold earrings peered from her loose, wavy hair.
4. Jane Lynch changed outfits several times as part of her duties as Emmy’s host, but our favorite look was her red carpet ensemble of a strapless purple chiffon dress and a stack of bright, multicolored gemstone bangles, along with matching gemstone earrings. The look was fun, fearless and gorgeous, much like Lynch herself. Later in the show, Lynch paired a silver halter dress with antique diamond hoops, and a burgundy ball gown with a garnet cocktail ring.
3. Heidi Klum gets the “most outrageous” award of the night for pairing an incredibly ruffled Christian Siriano dress with a pair of ruby flower-shaped earrings and a flower-shaped ring that looked like they might be lifesize. But more is more with Heidi, who somehow also managed to pull of wearing her enormous diamond engagement ring and a third princess-cut diamond cocktail ring—all on the same hand. Her husband Seal gets an honorable mention for his gold pendant necklace worn over an unbuttoned shirt.
2.Gwyneth Paltrow’s midriff-baring lace dress may be causing controversy, but she deserves a prize for the way she artfully stacked a black cuff with a silver bangle, and for the tastefully small earrings that brought the whole look together. Gwyneth’s famous engagement ring completed the look.
1. Kate Winslet knows subtle glamour, and her wavy blond updo, formfitting red dress and delicately decadent silver jewelry portrayed just that. Her bold red dress needed nothing more than a pair of silvery drop earrings and a single sparkling diamond bracelet to set it off perfectly. That single diamond cuff, sparkling so much it could only be set with hearts and arrows diamonds, provided all the glitz the refined actress needs.

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US Fed meeting Make Gold Falls

Sacombank Jewelry Company bought gold at VND46.66 million and sold at VND46.84 million at 11:10 am local time.
Saigon Jewelry Company, the biggest gold processor and trader in Vietnam, quoted the price at VND46.74 million for buying and VND46.87 million for selling in Ho Chi Minh City. In Hanoi, the company bought gold at the same price but sold at VND20,000 a tael higher than that in Ho Chi Minh City.
Hanoi-based Phu Quy Jewelry Company purchased SJC-brand gold at VND46.73 million and sold at VND46.93 million at the same time.
Domestically, gold fetched VND2.2 million a tael higher than global price.
Without revealing the accurate amount of gold that Saigon Jewelry Company imported this time, the company’s representative said that it would fail to meet demand as the company was allowed to import a few hundred kilograms of gold.
On foreign currency market, the dollar exchange rate escalated this morning. Dollars were bought at VND21,050 and sold at VND21,100 on free market in Hanoi.

Internationally, gold dropped as dollar strengthened after the US Federal Reserve said that it would reduce holdings of short-term bonds and increase holdings of longer-maturity, eroding demand for the metal as an alternative investment.

The Fed plans to buy $400 billion of bonds with maturities of six to 30 years through June while selling an equal amount of debt maturing in three years or less.
In addition, Greece approved more austerity measures to receive the next rescue package from the European Union and International Monetary Fund yesterday.
Gold for immediate delivery lost as much as $24.3 an ounce, or 1.4 percent, to close at $1,781.5 an ounce on the Comex in New York.
In Asia, the heavy metal continued to plunge further this morning. Spot gold shed $7.1 an ounce to trade at $1,774.4 at 10 am Vietnamese time.
The euro exchange rate against the US dollar was below $1.36 a euro in Tokyo this morning.

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Investor group Impose VAT On Gold Trading

The Viet Nam Association of Financial Investors has urged the Government to impose a 10 per cent value added tax (VAT) on gold trading in a move to stop the precious metal being used for economic payments.

The association said that many countries worldwide taxed the trading of gold bullion and jewellery in order to manage their markets, with Russia even imposing a special consumption tax of 20 per cent on the product.

Such a policy would help countries keep the gold market from manipulation and speculation, the association said, adding that a large amount of money was currently being pumped into gold trading as ‘dead' capital since not being directed to production.

The Ministry of Finance called on relevant ministries to share their views regarding the possible VAT imposition on credit institutions such as gold traders and foreign exchanges.

The State Bank of Viet Nam this week licensed 10 banks and gold trading companies to import a total of four tonnes of gold, expected to arrive in the country today.

The Sai Gon Jewelry Co, the country's largest gold trader, and the Phu Nhuan Jewellery Co were allowed to import 700 and 500 kilos of the mineral, respectively.

This is the third time the central bank has authorised gold trading companies to import gold since last month to help bring down soaring domestic prices.

On the domestic market, the SJC quoted gold at VND46.8/46.95 million per tael (1.2 ounces) yesterday while Bao Tin Minh Chau listed at VND46.8/47.02 million, nearly VND2 million higher than the world price. — VNS

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September 21, 2011


Article by Sher

As far back as one can remember famous celebrities have been wearing the jewelry made by famous jewelry designers. Through out many eras and many styles the celebrities and jewelry designers have held a close bond. Who better to display your beautiful pieces than a beautiful celebrity that has already captured the audiences attention.

Elizabeth Taylor will always be remembered for her glamorous and beautiful look. I cannot remember any time that I have seen Elizabeth without her jewels to adorn her. This was a lady with a fashion style like no other. From gorgeous pearls adorning her face to beautiful diamonds adorning her neck. She knew how to make a fashion statement!

Ava Gardner was a woman with a glamorous fashion style that did not go unnoticed. Whether she choose to wear her best diamond earrings or her favorite Trifari necklace she always looked spectacular. There are many of us who could pick up a few tips from Ava’s flare!

Joan Crawfard and Joan Collins are another two that simply can’t be outdone. One must wonder how a women so easily learns to be that refined and beautiful at all times. Like Cleopatra it seems to be bred deep within the soul.

Let us not forget about royalty. Although not perhaps celebrities as we think of them still important figure heads that are within the public eye. How about the gorgeous jewels of the Duchess of Windsor or Umbero II of Italy. Then there was Princess Mary of Great Britain who was seldom seen without her jewelry adornments.

To more modern times, what about that beautiful engagement ring that Camela Parker Bowls was seen wearing. An outstanding piece of jewelry on a women that quite commonly presents herself in a very traditional refined style. No glamour here except for that drop dead gorgeous ring!

Whether we are talking about Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, or Katie Holmes celebrities give us the opportunity to see jewelry designs in play. They instantly help develop a desire for a certain jewelry piece or look.

We’ve got plenty we can learn from the styles of celebrities. And once these designer jewelry pieces grab hold it isn’t long before someone is making a similar piece that our pocket books can afford.

So keep watching the stars for great jewelry to make your fashion statement!
Watches are a great compliment to almost any fit. Onlines sites like Ewatches (ewatches review) carry a wide range of watches for both men and women. You can pick a watch that you like and have it shipped to your house. Some onlines stores offer free shipping which makes shopping online for a watch a good alternative. Shopping online gives you a large selection of watches to choose from and gives you a better chance of finding what you like.
About the Author

Sher is a fashion coach & editor of the Net Profits newsletter.

Women’s Style jewelry

Celebrity fashion jewelry has continually seized the imagination of the moment. Classy in addition to fashionable, celeb vogue can be found in well-liked periodicals in addition to favorite media channels. This kind of subsequent superstar individuality contains probably the most unique ladies design and style jewellery:
The following best describes the valuable vogue star, Clare Booth Luce: “Because I’m a lady, I have to make uncommon efforts to do well. If I fall short, nobody will say, ‘She does not have what it requires.’ They’ll say, Girls do not have what it will take.” Gifted together with firmly outspoken, she has been a correspondent, artist, public personality or even correspondent. Celeb fashion was led by a powerful perception of impartial drive as well as style.
A further style fashion mistress, Babe Paley was the image of beautiful flavor. With her practical splendor, she leapt to the Best-Dressed Checklist and was heralded into the Style Hall of Fame. Her preferred women’s style jewellery: gems. Above her life time, Babe Paley accrued jewelry from a few of the best jewelers.
‘I by no means go out unless of course I appear like Joan, the film star. If you would like to determine the lady following doorway, go subsequent doorway.’ The picture of her has become cautiously produced with meticulous awareness to detail. J had a daring flavor in jewellery. The celeb jewel that almost all appeals to her: the biggest gems. In actual fact, sapphires grew to become referred to as ‘Joan Blue’ with time beneath her effect.
Nicely identified for her contribution to style and artwork as well as the Rogers Museum, Rogers can be a style icon within the planet of ornamental artwork. She cherished nature jewellery, as well as the women’s style jewellery. Effortless and stylish, the former’s fantastic style jewellery style radiates a distinctly American fashion: using diamonds on the shell.
The mystique encompassing Jacqueline Bouvier has for good laid down her name in history as the First Lady of Camelot. The top fashion mistress in those ages, Jackie’s most interesting memories of her incorporate her pillbox head gear, coats with sizeable buttons, strong preference for style jewellery, artwork and style. She cherished straightforward jewellery which was not pretentious. Amongst her preferred celeb jewels incorporate her bracelets (which grew to become called ‘Jacqueline bracelets’). Everybody in her time tried to imitate Jacqueline’s fashion – energetic but standard, of the time although not obnoxious.
Bismarck left unmistakable impacts to the legacy of celebrity fashion jewelry. She in particular liked time period items, like these produced by Cartier and Jean Schlumberger. 1 from the time-worn photos of her is the fact that in the ‘enormous pearls gleaming on her immaculate skin’; her sapphire beads with pearls has lengthy entered the realm of celeb classic and antique style jewellery.
Women’s style jewellery has advanced using the occasions. The ladies here have made a mark on the course of celebrity fashion jewelry; for celebrities, jewellery has turn out to be an more and more necessary element of their picture. Pay attention and try to discover something from these fashionistas.

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Belle Noel Jewelry Launch Lady

Tending to press efforts for one of her countless business endeavors, Kim Kardashian took her sexy ways to the Bloomingdale's 59th Street Store in New York City on Wednesday evening (September 21).

The E! reality star rocked a hot animal printed frock with Louboutin heeled boots as she was on hand to launch the Belle Noel jewelry collection.

Cheerfully welcoming all those in attendance, the 30-year-old was all smiles despite battling a rumbling tummy, as she tweeted, "Just ate a hot dog and Mr. Softy ice cream from the food trucks and have a tummy ache now"

The Bloomingdale's visit comes as Kim just returned to NYC after a brief trip back to Los Angeles to cheer on brother Robert during his debut on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday night.

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Necklaces NewsJewelry

Movie star Necklaces NewsJewelry Visits along with Misses at the CMTAwardsJune 18, 2009Blondes just like Taylor Speedy along with Kellie Pickler received more pleasurable with the CMT Awardslast nighttime,findings jewelry, nonetheless it seemed to be artist Testosterone Soreness that needed the prize intended for biggest bling.Mister. Ache appeared within the reddish floor covering in ahugediamond bracelet of which considered as much as his infant ( space ) 8.5 pounds,mens jewelry! 197carats along with $410,Thousand in the future, your dog was able to upstage each of the red beauties plus hisfellow rappers that has a element thus big not a soul so far has topped them. This necklaceitself essentially says it."I merely realized I had put together to shut decrease one thing, quite a few part of the online game,Inches Painsaid. "I thought I did so them together with Auto-Tune,Gemstone Celebrity Jewelry News_759,hip hop jewelry, i really think We have to practice it withjewelry ... merely show Them where the full investments comin' via. You know what I'msayin'?"Yes. All of us definitely conduct.As you move the overpriced bauble virtually eclipsed this nights greatest movie star, TaylorSwift, this singer/songwriter unquestionably had 1 terrible connected with an funds display.

Sporting a stunning Collette Dinnigan minuscule withdiamondspray jewellery,wholesale sterling silver jewelry Celebrity Jewelry News_615, Swift (or perhaps Big t. Swizzle as T Soreness at this point cell phone calls your ex) stunned thecrowd with various showstopping numbers and took household some honors start forBest Online video of the Year and greatest Women Online video media.As well as the girls continued to procedure the particular crimson carpeting with Belly dancing With theStars' Julianne Hough with Jenny Packham andyellowgold,crystal beads Celebrity Jewelry News_270, man ballerina Shawn Velupe showing the girl a little wild facet within a floralgown andgoldcircle danglers plus a (far too) trim Kellie Pickler with Badgley Mischka along with astunning healthy stone cuff.When Naomi Judd can have remaining the particular 'matchy matchy' precious stone jewellery athome, our own biggest bauble discouragement has been in Martina McBride, who's usually40-something and incredible however just isn't doing the job it on this drab gold and also greylook.Clickhere for a complete take a look at last evening of huge invariably winners. And also you won't would like tomissT.Swizzle's blinged out there video clip while using gentleman with the hr if you did not get itlast day. Diddy? There's a brand new kid in town.MoreCelebrity JewelryNewsFollow us onFacebookandTwitterfor all the more up-to-date diamond jewelry musings.

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Kirstie Alley Bulimia Allegations

KIRSTIE ALLEY is preparing to take legal action against U.S. tabloid editors after discovering they are publishing an article alleging her massive weight loss is the result of an eating disorder.

The former Cheers star, who has struggled with weight issues for years, has been shedding the pounds ever since she was forced to shape up as a contestant on U.S. TV show Dancing With the Stars earlier this year (11).

She recently claimed to have lost an impressive 100 pounds (45.5 kilograms) since March (11) after adopting a new healthy diet and strict exercise regime, and Alley showed off her new slim physique when she walked the runway at an event for New York Fashion Week last week (13Sep11).

Her drastic new look has prompted speculation about exactly how she managed to drop down to a U.S. clothing size six - and according to Alley, reporters at the National Enquirer are claiming in an upcoming article that she's become bulimic, forcing herself to vomit after every meal.

But the actress has slammed the allegations and she has vowed to take the Enquirer to court.

In a series of posts on her blog, she writes, "Soo.. heard that the Enquirer is running with a story that Im bulemic (sic)!!! 'sources' JEEZ.. never hurled (threw up) a meal in my life..JEEZ...

"Im REALLY commited (sic) (to her diet) and strong willed...If I was bulemic I can assure U I would be a size zero... I smell a big ole lawsuit.. do U?? ...Enquirer, Im coming for u this time..get ready!!"

And she's accused Enquirer editors of reckless reporting on such a serious topic: "Bulemmia (sic), is a serious sitiation (sic) not to be taken lightly.. it can cause death..this accusation is degrading 2 those who from suffer it (sic)."

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Dancing with the Stars IMDB User Reviews

My friends all think I watch this program for the skin-show but they couldn't be more wrong! Okay, who wouldn't enjoy watching such a lavish disply of youthful physicality? But Dancing With The Stars is SO much more than that. Start with the moment the professional dancer meets his (or her) new partner. That could be anything from a race car driver to a famous actress to a computer geek to a cowboy -- or who knows what else? The partners are from different worlds. They barely know each other but their destinies are now in each other's hands. In a matter of moments, they will be locked in embrace -- swaying -- gripping -- tumbling -- sliding sensuously together -- and spending entire days sweating all over each other from elevated head to pointed toe.

Show #1 of the season: It's Monday and the moment of truth has arrived. All those endless practice sessions -- will they pay off? Will it be triumph or disaster? Welcome to the dancer's world. Onstage, awaiting their cue -- the partners lock eyes -- committed, body and soul! Do or die. Now or never. There may be six billion people on the planet -- but right now there is no one who can pull this off but YOU and your partner. Hit it, "live" orchestra!

A small eternity passes; the dance is over. Yes, there were some mistakes. Small ones? Huge ones? Did anyone notice? Did you make an utter fool of yourself? The ultimate challenge has passed -- the look that passes between partners is beyond description. Impossibly -- they've done it! It's over. It's a magical moment of accomplishment and relief.

Oh, but it's NOT over. Chests heaving, they walk to the judging area where they await triumph -- humiliation -- or, mercifully, maybe something in-between. Another colossal challenge looms. You just danced your heart out -- pushed yourself beyond all known limits -- gave it your ALL. But what you think does not matter. These three regal people are the judges. They have observed your efforts and will now apply an impassive clinical dissection. It doesn't matter that they are opinionated, fallible, biased, moody, and often all too human. They ARE the judges and you will have to stand there with the world watching and take it -- whatever it is ... contempt for your heroic efforts -- marginal acceptance -- praise for your feeble attempt at showmanship -- ridicule for your awkwardness -- exaltation at your excellence -- or just more salt in your wounds. You WILL accept it -- whatever it is -- and move on. You have another dance to learn for next week -- or maybe even two or three!

I hope this program brings to the public a much greater appreciation for the character of professional dancers. Though their talents are rarer, their achievements much riskier, their work load much harder, and their careers shorter, the chances for stardom and wealth that are there for other performers have rarely been there for dancers. Before I started watching this show, I had no idea that humans could produce such supreme beauty using only their brilliantly costumed bodies! I had no idea there were people outside Cirque De Soleil who could perform such spectacular feats of strength, elasticity, musicality, and split-second timing. And I never dreamed that anyone who had not experienced a lifetime of training could even come close to dancing at a professional level. Frankly, the idea that a professional dancer would even be willing to attempt some of these feats with a rank amateur still astounds me.

It's no ordinary gig. As the weeks go on, there will be a personal bonding that takes place between partners that will be as genuine as anything they experience in their lives. They will on occasion go to the limits of mind, body, and soul. For them, this experience is about as likely to fade as Wyatt Earp's and Doc Holliday's memory of the gunfight at the OK Corral! Clearly, if they live to be a hundred, they will still reflect on this unique journey of growth, trust, and courage.

Tuesdays are elimination days and they are cruel. This is when the pros and the amateurs will have to face the combined whims of the judges and the television audience. It won't really matter at all how well you danced if America should decide to vote thumbs down on you -- or simply ignore your performance in favor of their favorite celeb -- you will be going home. And the impossible dream will be over.

Personally, I think this part is unnecessary. The rest of the show is so profoundly positive -- I don't appreciate this negative holdover from American Idol. I would rather see ALL the couples dance it out to the last, accumulating points as they go. I also think participants should be required to pass a strength and flexibility test (to avoid the serious injuries) and I don't think they should ever have to prepare more than one dance per week. I would definitely much rather see them do their level best at ONE dance than struggle through two or three half-prepared numbers on show day.

Maybe I'm quibbling here -- but who wouldn't want a great show to be perfect! And here's a thought -- how about a spin-off series -- "Tango With The Stars" that features ONLY the tango?

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Dancing with the Stars: Results Week 1

After a one hour special get acquainted episode of “Dancing with the Stars” with clips of the couples that featured an encore performance from Carson and Anna’s Cha Cha and the professional dancers reaction to the new studio set and dance floor – which was very well received – the first results show of the season opened with the pros and the DWTS Troupe dancing to “Edge of Glory” by Lady Gaga.

The first three couples to learn their fate for this week were Ricki and Derek, Elisabetta and Val, and Rob and Cheryl. After millions of votes cast Ricki and Derek and Elisabetta and Val are safe but Rob and Cheryl would have to wait a little longer to learn their fate.

After a clip showing the celebrities initial meeting was the first guest performance of the season was Emmy and Grammy Award winner Harry Connick Jr. with “On a Clear Day”.

The next three couples to learn whether or not they would return for another dance next week were Hope and Maks, Dristin and Mark, and Metta (Ron) and Peta. Hope and Maks and Kristin and Mark were safe but Metta and Peta were in jeopardy and would have to wait until the end of the show to learn their fate.

After hearing a little more about the “Dancing with the Stars” Troupe members and a performance by the Troupe, the second guest performance of the night came from LMFAO with their party anthem. Judges Carrie Ann and Bruno provided a little extra dance entertainment as they performed on the judge’s table.

The next three couples to learn their fate were Chynna and Tony, JR and Karina, and Chaz and Lacey. All three couples were safe to dance again next week.

With two couples already in jeopardy, one of the remaining three couples David and Kym, Nancy and Tristan, and Carson and Anna; one would be in the bottom and in danger of going home.

After only one week of dancing Rob and Chery, Nancy and Tristan, or Metta and Peta would be going home.

Rob and Cheryl were saved leaving Nancy and Tristan and Metta and Peta left to learn who would be safe and who would go home.

The first couple eliminated from the competition on the first results show was…

Matta and Peta!

Dancing With the Stars Results: Did Chaz Bono Survive?

Every week on the Dancing With the Stars results show, you're going in wondering if one of the week’s lowest scorers will get the boot, or if voters will pull a shocker and eliminate someone you'd never expect - and who didn't deserve it.
Last night was pretty much by the book - and/or scores.

Rob Kardashian, Metta World Peace and Nancy Grace posted three of the bottom four scores on Monday, and in turn, comprised the bottom three Tuesday.

That meant the higher-scoring competitors for the week, such as Chaz Bono, were all safe last night. So who got the boot when the results were unveiled?

Follow the jump to find out ...

Ron Artest, who recently changed his name to Metta World Peace, will not be adding the Mirror Ball to his trophy case along with an NBA championship.

After his cha cha with partner Peta Murgatroyd, Artest earned the lowest score of the week with 14 points, and became the first contestant voted off.

When the news was delivered, Artest - true to his new name - threw up his hands joyously and smiled, not seeming too shocked or down by his loss.

"Who's coming with me?" the 6'7", newly blond star asked the crowd.

"Everybody give a round of applause to Peta – she was awesome!"

"I had a great, great time," he added, and we're so glad to hear it.

He's awesome. Who do you think will win DWTS with Metta out?

Kristin Cavallari
Ricki Lake
Chynna Phillips
Hope Solo
Elisabetta Canalis
David Arquette
Rob Kardashian
J.R. Martinez
Chaz Bono
Carson Kressley
Nancy Grace

'Dancing With The Stars' Results

As much as the studio crowd might have been rooting for World Peace, they didn't get it. Basketball star Ron Artest — now known as Metta World Peace — couldn't garner enough votes with his cha-cha and was the first to go on season 13 of "Dancing With the Stars." The field of 12 competing couples was trimmed down to 11, and the L.A. Lakers player and partner Peta Murgatroyd were sent packing.

The first elimination round was action-packed. The professional dancers kicked things off with a sizzling group number set to an amped-up version of Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory," followed by the gradual, performance-interspersed reveal of the couples named to the bottom three: Rob Kardashian and Cheryl Burke, Metta and Murgatroyd and later Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus.

The headlining performers for the evening included musician/actor Harry Connick Jr. and self-described party rockers LMFAO. Connick wowed the crowd with his soulful rendition of the titular number from his upcoming Broadway revival, "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever." The expectedly energetic and colorfully dressed LMFAO kept it classy for network TV with a medley of their new single "Sexy and I Know It" and their summer dance club sensation "Party Rock Anthem."

Despite receiving one of the three lowest scores on the first night of competition, Italian TV host and George Clooney ex Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy were voted through. And the biggest cheers of the night from both the audience and dancers occurred when Chaz Bono and partner Lacey Schwimmer were safe.

Looking at the leader board moving into week two, the couples with the highest scores are Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani and J.R. Martinez and Karina Smirnoff. It should also be noted that MTV alum Kristin Cavallari and partner Mark Ballas are not far behind.


David Beckham touted are targeting legendary artists jewelry in the form of a diamond to be auctioned next month. This British man is willing to give the luxury jewelry for Victoria Beckham. He plans to spend money of U.S. $ 6 million to buy luxury jewelry.


"David was so happy since Harper (the Victoria baby) was born. He fell in love again with Victoria. He wanted to give a gift of the most impressive," said the source was quoted by the Daily Star, Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

Previously, Victoria Beckham also made a romantic dinner touched with the initiated by former Manchester United star. David Beckham deliberately cook for dinner with his wife. Then he also decorate their private bathroom with a beautiful variety of flowers and scented candles.

Since having a baby girl, Victoria and Beckham just feel like newlyweds. They have even more inseparable.

David Beckham feels that her fourth child has completed the perfection of his life. He intends to add a baby to the family to seven. He was very pleased with the number seven. For David Beckham, the number seven is a lucky number.
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David Beckham House

David Beckham house: High class socialites, sport-stars, actors and other glamourous people always choose a house, just like David Beckham house. David Beckham house is built in Los Angeles, USA. This David Beckham house is said to be cost in multi-million dollars and this David Beckham house is actually a 'Big Mansion' is modern, spacious, airy and have a lot of windows. You can see the pictures of David Beckham house on this site.
David Beckham house

David Beckham Cars

English football (soccer) player, David Beckham, has been seen driving a Continental Supersports. Apparently Victoria, his wife, bought it for him late last year.

Engine : 12-cylinder
Horsepower: 621 bhp
Top speed: 200 mph (320 km/h) (limited)

David, and his wife, Victoria Beckham, have been seen in many more cars than the Supersports. They are as follows:
Before: David bought a Porsche Turbo Cabriolet.
After: David ruins a Porsche Turbo Cabriolet.
Soon after purchasing his new Porsche, Beckham got it resprayed matt-black. I think it ruins it, but that's just me...
Not once, but twice, Victoria Beckham's car has been seen being towed away after reportedly having broken down:
note the different signage on the sides of the trucks.
Zac Efron's Car Audi S6
He does have a thing for black cars. This black Rolls-Royce Drophead Phantom has custom black rims as well.

Maurice Sendak Bibliography


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Maurice Sendak Collection

Maurice Sendak chose the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, PA to be the repository for his work in the early 1970s thanks to shared literary and collecting interests. His collection of nearly 10,000 works of art, manuscripts, books and ephemera, has been the subject of many exhibitions at the Rosenbach, seen by visitors of all ages. Sendak once praised Herman Melville’s writings, saying, “There’s a mystery there, a clue, a nut, a bolt, and if I put it together, I find me.” From May 6, 2008, through May 3, 2009, the Rosenbach presented There’s a Mystery There: Sendak on Sendak. This major retrospective of over 130 pieces pulled from the museum’s vast Sendak collection—the biggest collection of Sendakiana in the world—is the largest and most ambitious exhibition of Sendak’s work ever created and is now a traveling exhibition. It features original artwork, rare sketches, never-before-seen working materials, and exclusive interview footage. The exhibition draws on a total of over 300 objects, providing a unique experience with each set of illustrations.
Exhibition highlights include the following:
  • Original color artwork from books such as Where the Wild Things Are, In the Night Kitchen, The Nutshell Library, Outside Over There, and Brundibar.
  • “Dummy” books filled with lively preliminary sketches for titles like The Sign on Rosie’s Door, Pierre, and Higglety, Pigglety, Pop!
  • Never-before-seen working materials, such as newspaper clippings that inspired Sendak, family portraits, photographs of child models and other ephemera.
  • Rare sketches for unpublished editions of stories such as Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, and other illustrating projects.
  • Unique materials from the Rosenbach collection that relate to Sendak’s work, including an 1853 edition of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, sketches by William Blake, and Herman Melville’s bookcase.
  • Stories told by the illustrator himself on topics like Alice in Wonderland, his struggle to illustrate his favorite novels, hilarious stories of Brooklyn, and the way his work helps him exorcise childhood traumas.




Presenters Role Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Tom Bergeron Host
Lisa Canning Co-Host

Samantha Harris Co-Host

Brooke Charvet Co-Host

Drew Lachey Co-Host

     Full time presenter
     Temporary/Guest presenter
     Competed as a contestant (DWTS Winner) before being a presenter


Judges Role Seasons
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Len Goodman Head Judge
Carrie Ann Inaba Judge
Bruno Tonioli Judge
Michael Flatley Guest Judge

Baz Luhrmann Guest Judge

Drew Lachey Guest Judge

Emmitt Smith Guest Judge

Apolo Anton Ohno Guest Judge

Hélio Castroneves Guest Judge

Mel B Guest Judge

Kristi Yamaguchi Guest Judge

Gilles Marini Guest Judge

Kelly Osbourne Guest Judge

Donnie Burns Guest Judge

     Full time judge
     Full time judge/missed 1 week
     Temporary/Guest judge
     Competed as a contestant before being a judge

Dance Troupe

The dance troupe dances in results shows season 12.
  • Kiki Nyemchek
  • Tristan MacManus
  • Peta Murgatroyd
  • Oksana Dmytrenko
  • Nicole Volynets
  • Ted Volynets

     Winner of the season
     Runner-up of the season
     Third place of the season
     Semi-Finalist (Third place in Season 1 & Season 3)
     Last place of the season
     Withdrew in the season
  • Derek Hough is the only professional to not have his celebrity partner eliminated within the first 6 weeks of competition.
  • Kirstie Alley is the oldest competitor to make it to the finals, at age 60.
  • Shawn Johnson is the youngest competitor to make it to the finals, at age 17. She is also the youngest champion and the youngest celebrity competitor in the show's run.
  • As of Season 12, Mark Ballas, Kym Johnson, Cheryl Burke and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are the only professionals to make it to the Finals 4 times. Maksim Chmerkovskiy is the only professional to make it to the Finals 4 times without winning once.
    • Cheryl Burke is the only one of these professionals that did not make the Finals of Season 12.

September 20, 2011


The Cadillac Escalade is a full-size luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) sold by the General Motors luxury brand, Cadillac. It was the division's first major entry into the popular SUV market. The Escalade was introduced for the 1999 model year in response to German and Japanese competitors and to Ford's 1998 release of the Lincoln Navigator. The Escalade project went into production only ten months after it was approved. The Escalade is built in Arlington, Texas, USA. The name Escalade refers to a siege warfare tactic of scaling defensive walls or ramparts with the aid of ladders or siege towers.

The Escalade was originally based on the GMC Yukon Denali, but was redesigned for the 2002 model year to make its appearance fall more in line with Cadillac's new design theme. Today, the Escalade and Escalade EXT pickup are two of only three Cadillac vehicles made outside of the United States. Both the Escalade ESV (Based on the Chevrolet Suburban) and Escalade EXT (based on the Avalanche sport utility truck) were made in Silao, Mexico, before the 2006 redesign; the new Escalade ESV is sourced from Arlington, Texas. The Escalade competes with the Range Rover Sport, Infiniti QX56, Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, Lexus LX, Toyota Land Cruiser, Land Rover LR3 and Lincoln Navigator.

The introduction of the Lincoln Navigator in the 1998 model year necessitated that General Motors be able to compete in the burgeoning American market for full-size luxury-type trucks. This generation was only a five-seat SUV. The first Escalade was a largely unsuccessful endeavor from the start. Fearing the growing hegemony of the Lincoln Navigator, the Escalade was rushed through the design process to reach dealers quickly. Essentially little more than a badge-engineered GMC Yukon Denali, the SUV's aesthetics were similar to the Denali and the final vehicle was smaller than the Navigator. The Escalade's under were borrowed from the Denali line, with the GMC logos on the center caps replaced with Cadillac's crest. The Escalade also used the same 5.7 L Vortec 5700 V8 at 255 hp (190 kW), which was underpowered compared to the Navigator's 300 hp (220 kW) and 365 lb·ft (495 N·m) 5.4 Liter InTech V-8. All first-generation Escalades featured Autotrac selectable 4x4. The interior featured all leather seats with the Escalade logo sprinkled all over the car. It also had a Bose surround system–a first for SUVs. The Escalade also used a slightly different gauge cluster from the standard Tahoes/Yukons. The Escalade gauges featured white needles instead of the standard orange and the speedometer reads to 120 mph.
According to information from the Highway Loss Data Institute, the Cadillac Escalade is the most stolen vehicle in the U.S.


Sapphire Diamond Necklace

This amazing necklace could be a perfect addition to your evening gown! It is made of platinum and features oval shaped fine sapphires, 29.43ct in total. There is a detachable pendant with a pear shaped 5.95ct sapphire gemstone. It can be worn with the necklace or separate. Each sapphire is surrounded by small round cut diamonds. There are more stones set in bezel connecting the sapphire decorated details. Total diamond weight of the entire necklace is 4.17ct. Check our collection of jewelry to find a matching pair of earrings!


Thursday at 10/9c, ABC’s Private Practice resumes its fourth season and in doing so hopefully sheds light on where things stand between Addison and Sam, whose never too-steady romance is being tested by her desire to have a baby and his preference to stand pat as not just a dad but a granddad. TVLine got a hold of Kate Walsh as she toured Paris, partly for pleasure but also for business, as she continues to boast about her Boyfriend (as in the fragrance). Though the Private Practice beauty was cheeky about revealing some of what’s to come, she expertly teased the season finale ahead –- and how one Benjamin Bratt just might rock Addison’s world.
TVLINE | How was your Boyfriend meeting with Sephora’s Paris office?
How did you know…?! Are you watching me on Twitter? Watching my every move?
TVLINE | Mayyybe…. In general, how are things going as a purveyor of perfume?
As a “Fragrance Mogul in Training”? I’m enjoying it, I’m very excited about it. And the meeting went very well, thank you. This is the capital of fragrances, so….
TVLINE | Now you’ll be pitching to [Private Practice boss] Shonda Rhimes that Oceanside Wellness get transplanted to the Rive Gauche?
I don’t think that’s so big a stretch, do you?
TVLINE | Do you feel like sufficient drama has come Addison’s way this season?
Oh yeah – and there’s more to come, baby! There’s a lot that’s packed into these last four episodes. You’re going to want to tune into every minute, because if you turn away, you’re going to miss something pivotal.
TVLINE | I was just rewatching the scene where Naomi (played by Audra McDonald) blasts Addison, saying, “You suck at relationships!”  
It’s rare to get such honest moments between women.

The scene where she verbally bitch-slaps me? I was like, “Bring it!” And she was right! Oh, Audra…. I will miss her.
TVLINE | How has it been for you, bracing for her departure?
I don’t like it. I don’t think she’s gone for good – she’ll make visits – but it’s hard. It’s hard. It’s four years we’ve been together.
TVLINE | Will the story moving forward be about Addison realizing that Sam isn’t the one, or Sam coming around to her way of thinking?
How can I tell you that? You know about the contracts we sign and how they involve blood! I will be in fear of my life. There’ll be no more Twitter, no more Boyfriend, no more Private Practice…. [Laughs]
TVLINE | OK, let’s talk about Charlotte and Cooper’s wedding day. Does the nature of the occasion weigh on Addison or any of her friends?
The wedding is really awesome, and lots of things occur because of it – not only for Addison but also for other people. But yes, there might be a tiny violin playing for her!
Ask Ausiello: Why Isn’t Private Practice‘s Addison Sitting with Sam at the Wedding?
TVLINE | Do you like that Shonda keeps Addison flawed? A vainer actress might say, “Why can’t my character be more revered?”
“Why can’t I save the world?” I do like it. I came on [at Grey's Anatomy] as the “Wicked Witch of the West,” so I like that she’s constantly screwing up, and human, and struggling. By the way? Anybody who has that great a shoe collection deserves to be taken down a few notches.
TVLINE | I get a lot of mail asking about Addison and Sam maybe making a baby, Addison ever having any child…. But I wonder: Is Private Practice designed to be about Addison as a mother? Or is this more about a strong woman’s pursuit of all the things that she wants, but not always getting them?
I think it’s a bit of both. There’s not a real story being told out there for not getting everything you want – we’re constantly pitched, “You can have it all, all the time!” And while the reality is you can have a lot of it, it’s hard, and there is sacrifice. I love that Addison has a lot of advantages and privileges but she’s also deeply flawed and she doesn’t get to have everything. We’ve been talking about that one [viable] egg she’s got for four years now, but that’s a very real issue she struggles with, and it’s still an interesting story. What do you do when you want a child in your forties and you’re with somebody that you’re pretty happy with, but they don’t want to have a kid because they already have one and, in fact, have a grandkid? These are big-girl problems, and I love that Shonda and the writers take on these issues. That’s what’s made the show particularly strong this season.
TVLINE | Given the buzz that Grey’s Anatomy‘s Derek and Meredith might start a family soon, I hope one beat that Shonda plays is having that news makes its way to Santa Monica, and….
Right. Sure, why not? Put a little more salt in the wound! [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you say about the season finale (airing May 19)?
I love it. I don’t know how to describe it except to say it’s like a great closing chapter in Part 1 of a massive, three-part tome. It’s a big closing-up of certain things, and then a total unraveling of others and “Wait until you see Part 2!” So much happens.
TVLINE | Do you sometimes leaf through a script and remark to yourself, “I can’t believe Shonda went there“?
I’m always like that. Because they’ll say they’re thinking about one thing, and by the time she gets her hands on it it’s different — and even better — than the pitches.
TVLINE | But have you ever read something and immediately grabbed the phone to bellow at Shonda, or gave her a jab in the arm in the hall?
We’ve been in a “relationship” now for seven years, so…. We’ve debated before, I’m not going to lie. But it’s fantastic. When I call her or email her, it’s 99.9 percent, “Yahoo, you’re amazing! There’s a reason why you’re a goddess!” And then there are a couple times where I’m like, “Wait a second, hold on, what?”
TVLINE | Tell us about Benjamin Bratt joining the cast in the season finale.
Ohhhh…. He’s a really lovely person, he’s very kind, and he’s very handsome.
TVLINE | And he is playing….?
I can’t tell you that. He literally doesn’t even have a name! I don’t know who he is, what he’s doing. All I can tell you is he shows up. That’s literally all I can tell you.
TVLINE | OK, what about this: Facial hair or no facial hair?
[Laughs] You’ll have to tune in! Listen, there were discussions about that, and decisions were made. Decisions were made about facial hair.
TVLINE | We were talking at the office about Bratt coming on board, and we reckon he’s gotta be for you.
Well, it would be nice if something worked out for Addison personally!
Judging by the brand-new ABC photo seen here, we surmise things just might!


Kate Walsh founded Boyfriend LLC, a beauty and lifestyle company in 2010. The company launched its first product in November 2010: a perfume called "Boyfriend". HSN, a leading multichannel retailer, and Walsh partnered to launch the "Boyfriend" fragrance with live appearances by the actress/entrepreneur on HSN, November 11 and 12. Walsh's fragrance train case, including Boyfriend eau de perfume, pulse point oil and votive candle, sold out on day one exceeding sales expectations.

Leading up to the launch of Boyfriend, Walsh released 8 webimercials written and directed by the actress herself, relaying the sentiments the Boyfriend scent was developed to evoke. Launched via various social media channels, including Twitter, YouTube and select blogs, the Boyfriend webimercials have been viewed more than 200,000 times to date and were released by Walsh prior to her appearance on HSN to drive excitement and anticipation.

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