January 07, 2012

What Katy Perry's Parent Want

Katy Perry and Russell Brand is currently undergoing the process of divorce. However, Katy's parents was considered, that divorce is a gift from God.

It is said by Keith and Mary Hudson while preaching at a church in Ohio.

"I'm sure Katy is currently discussed on internet, and this will bring her back to God. I mean who knows what God planned for them? The most important thing is, you go back to the side (God) and God will provide a path for you in 2012, "said Katy's mother, Mary Hudson on Saturday (01/7/2012).

But Katy's father is more emotional while delivering his speech. Even he did not hesitate to tears.

"I love my daughter, and will always love her. Then stop being judge and critical. Do not ever close the door to people you care about, especially your children because they will not like what you are doing. They certainly will continue to pray for the outcome of this ordeal, "he said, weeping.
He was revealed, that the success of Katy in entertainment world has opened up to have opportunity to meet and share them with others.

"God has given us an opportunity to meet more people, and they were like us. So we are not a threat," said Keith.

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