January 01, 2012

Russell Wants Baby From Katy Perry


After a big fight, Russell Brand finally decided to sue for divorce Katy Perry. One of the reasons that triggered the decision of Russell because Katy is not ready to have children.

"I think Katy did not understand fully the meaning of marriage. I think she's not ready to release her career," said a source close to both as reported by Showbizspy, Monday (1/02/2012).

Currently 27 years old Katy, and her husband think it's time singer of 'Fireworks' is a break for a moment of singing activity. But Katy keukeuh to continue with the tour.

"He (Russell) wants to have a family. They often talk about it," added the source.

Russell enter the divorce lawsuit to court in Los Angeles, United States on Friday (12/30/2011). Their marriage lasted only 14 months.

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