January 09, 2012

Obsession Of Paris Hilton in House Music

Paris Hilton is obsessed with house music. She wants to have house music album on this 2012. So she took some popular DJs to help.

"I have a passion for house music. It has always been my passion. I just have not focused on it, because I eventually make reality TV show," Paris told Female First, on Monday (01/09/2012).

"I have been working on the album with a lot of popular DJs today and I think people would be very surprised. The album will be very modern, very catchy, the perfect party music," she explained.

No wonder if Paris is idolizing house music. Partying for Paris has become a middle name.

Unfortunately, the singer of hits "Stars Are Blind 'has not been willing to talk about details of the album. What is clear she wants music that made people not want to stop partying.


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