January 02, 2012

How To Clean A Gold Jewelry?

After using gold jewelry, do not jump to save it. Used to clean your jewelry, so the dirt can be lifted and re-used when visible shine.

If you do not get to go to the wash jewelry, you can do it yourself at home. It did not take long to clean jewelry. Before cleaning your gold jewelry, prepare first baby soap, soft cloth, soft brush and two bowls of warm water.

Then, pour a few drops of baby soap into a bowl of warm water. Stir until the soap mixed with water flat. Then, soak the gold jewelry in soapy water for about 10 minutes.

To get rid of dirt that comes on the sidelines of the jewelry, after immersion for 10 minutes, brush using a fluffy. Clean in detail and make sure no more dirt comes.

After brushing, dip-dip your gold jewelry into another bowl of warm water. Do dipping several times to make the dirt disappear and soap to clean the rest of the stick.

Then, after a dip-dyed, make sure absolutely no residual soap and dirt. Then dry with a cloth made ​​from soft, and winds it. Once completely dry, would be more shine.

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