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  • January 15, 2012

    Comments For Napoleon Dynamite

    Jack : New cartoon rocks
    Sudeith : the cartoon is awesome
    Bowen : Like If Ur Watching The Show.
    Stephens : alright....if you never seen Napoleon Dynamite then you aren't going to like the show, but it really funny...go back and watch the movie then make comments on the show...

    Brackett : I officially love Napoleon Dynamite! I want to be a PPC Champion!
    Kopp : Wow. The new animated series was worse than I could have possibly imagined. Especially Deb's character.

    Pennell : watching the new show on TV so far pretty awesome! Thanks for this I loved the movie

    Richardson : The new cartoon rocks!!
    Nigon : watchin it nowwwww with my homiieee xD
    Cave : Cartoon will probably be cancelled by mid-season.
    Stallings : THE ANIMATED Napoleon Dynamite SERIES ROCKS!


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