January 18, 2018

ALICIA Witt : Woman - Trivia - Height

Born: 21-Aug-1975
Birthplace: Worcester, MA

ALICIA Witt's parents, who recognized her superior intelligence, schooled her at home. At the age of seven, Witt began to play piano, quickly learning to play the works of Beethoven and Bartok.

Daughter of Robert (a science teacher and photographer)and Diane (a junior high school reading teacher) Witt.

Since making her film debut in 1984's Dune, Alicia Witt has matured into one of the more steadily employed young actresses in Hollywood.

Alicia has made guest appearances on the phenomenally successful HBO series, "The Sopranos" and the Emmy award winning "Ally McBeal."

Height: 5' 8½" (1.74 m)

She has appeared in a number of oddball movies, including the John Waters film Cecil B. Demented (2000, starring Melanie Griffith) and the Tom Cruise headscratcher Vanilla Sky (2001, with Penelope Cruz).

She appeared as musical guest on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson in summer 2010, and is currently working on her next album.

In 1994, Witt earned Sundance credibility with her turn as a murderous teen in Fun and the following year was introduced to a wider audience with her role as Cybill Shepard's daughter on Cybill.

Alicia Witt in a blue mini dress attended the premiere screening of Showtime's "Hou$e of Lie$" at the AT&T; Center on January 4, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

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