December 12, 2011

Lady Gaga’s body is a work of art

Lady Gaga’s body is a work of art — literally.

The “Marry the Night” singer, who never shies away from an opportunity to show some skin, recently posed nude for the legendary Tony Bennett as part of a shoot for Vanity Fair's January issue.

The creative concept includes the sketch done by the music icon, as well as a photograph taken by famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz. Both images of the 25-year-old pop star can be viewed exclusively inside the magazine.

The provocative images - in them, Gaga tactfully covers up all the right spots on her naked body while holding a cigarette - will also soon become collector's items.

Bidding on the items begin Monday from 8 a.m. at and will end the following Monday.

The highest bidder will not only win the two illustrations of the bare-skinned entertainer, but will also receive signed copies of the original works by the artists, accessories from the shoot, and a poster of the Vanity Fair cover singed by Lady Gaga, among other things.

Proceeds from the auction will go toward charitable causes that include Exploring the Arts, a nonprofit organization co-founded by Bennett and his wife Susan Benedetto, which aims to strengthen the role of the arts in public high school education.

Lady Gaga’s nonprofit Born This Way Foundation will also benefit from the proceeds. The singer's organization partners with the MacArthur Foundation and Harvard University, with a focus on youth empowerment.

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