November 07, 2011

Who Influence Trisha Yearwood's Musical Style?

Trisha Yearwood has found major influences in a variety of musical artists. She grew accustomed to influence from Southern Rock bands, which include The Allman Brothers, Eagles, as well as Country rock artists such as Emmylou Harris, Elvis Presley and James Taylor.
Yearwood stated that her primary musical influence is Linda Ronstadt, whom Yearwood had often been identified and compared with in her albums. Yearwood says, "She had a power and an emotion in her voice that made you believe every word she sang. My favorite song was probably "Love Has No Pride," but I listened to everything over and over. I knew the albums so well I knew which song it was from the first note." She had recorded some of Ronstadt's compositions, including, "Try Me Again" for her 2000 album, Real Live Woman. Yearwood said that she has never considered herself as a songwriter, but is precise about choosing songs that she can relate to. She stated, ""I always select music based on emotion, how it makes me feel, even before I made records. "My producer, Garth Fundis, and I have to catch ourselves if we begin to think about recording a song we don't believe in just because we think it might be a hit." She also stated that even though she does not record any of her own material, she has written music that still has yet to be recorded.

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