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  • November 03, 2011


    US News has released their Best Diets list for 2011 and the winners might surprise you. We were also surprised a little considering the diets in best diets aren’t actually in order of the ones that worked or not. There were multiple categories for US News Rankings of Best Diets but we’ll be covering their Best Diets Overall category for this piece.

    In order of their ranking the Top 10 US News Best Diets Overall are:
    #1. DASH Diet
    #2. Mediterranean Diet
    #3. TLC Diet
    #4. Weight Watchers Diet
    #5. Mayo Clinic Diet
    #6. Volumetrics Diet
    #7. Jenny Craig Diet
    #8. Ornish Diet
    #9. Vegetarian Diet
    #10. Slim-Fast Diet
    #11. Nutrisystem Diet
    #12. Vegan Diet
    #13. South Beach Diet
    #14. Eco-Atkins Diet
    #15. Zone Diet
    #16. Glycemic-Index Diet
    #17. Medifast Diet
    #18. Raw Food Diet
    #19. Atkins Diet
    #20. Paleo Diet

    You are probably wondering how these diets were chosen and why some are listed above the others. The data was collected on these diets by 22 recognized experts that were selected by US News to provide solid data on diets, how they work and who they work for. For over 6 months the diet data was collected and analyzed.

    There was one diet that was spoken so highly of that they ranked it number one, the DASH Diet. US News experts feels this diet should become a diet household name. The main focus of this diet is to prevent and lower high blood pressure which is also called hypertension. One benefit about the DASH Diet is just about anyone can take part by grabbing the free PDF made by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. Those free DASH Diet guides will get you up and running.

    The diet that US News ranked at #9 seemed to have the most success for people that actually did the diet. The Vegetarian Diet was rated was working for 17,596 people and not working for 1,237 people. That is the biggest difference and largest success we could see from all the diet taking data providing by actual dieters. Vegetarianism gets a bad rap for not being the healthiest way to lose weight but it has great nutrition and is a safe diet to be on. For people that are in love with meat though, this diet will be hard to keep up.

    One of the big surprises to us as well was that the Paleo Diet got ranked so horribly. The Paleo Diet has been immensely popular in America and users have touted it’s success. When the real data is looked at though US News Best Diets reports that this diet didn’t work for 23,868 people and only worked for 5,570 people. The experts didn’t like this diet at all and said it failed for weight loss, easiness to carry out and also stated that most versions didn’t hold true to the Paleo diet plans or rules.

    The TLC Diet seems to be a big winner ranking in at number three on the US News diet report. However user data says that it may not be working for the actual dieters. Dieters stated that the TLC Diet worked for them 63 times and 585 times it didn’t work. The diet stands for Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes and was created by the National Institutes of Health. Feel free to check out all the other diets and plans at the US News Diet Reports.