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  • November 05, 2011

    Salma Hayek's Parenting Style

    Salma Hayek has a secret: Her 4-year-old daughter loves vegetables!
    The catch? Valentina Paloma is completely clueless about her healthy habits.

    “I camouflage them. They love pasta … [so] I put [them] in tomato sauce,” the Puss In Boots star, 45, reveals during a Friday appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.
    “You know what you can hide really well? Aubergine [eggplant], roast carrots, roast bell peppers [and] you can put a little bit of greens if you put enough of the other stuff.”
    However, Hayek has learned to cover her tricky tracks well because if Valentina were to find out, all bets would be off, the actress laughs.

    “There’s got to be no clue that you lied because then she’ll find it, like, ‘Aha!’” she says. “You have to really puree [the vegetables]. It’s the way to do it.” The hands-on mother’s tips don’t end in the kitchen; Hayek, who globetrots with her family, including husband François-Henri Pinault, understands children aren’t always the best travel companions.
    “She’s on the plane a lot and in the car a lot and sometimes they get cranky. Really, you know what that is? They’re getting carsick,” Hayek explains.
    “I have these bracelets that are for motion sickness that I used while I was pregnant — because I was carsick for 9 months nonstop! I put them on her and it’s made a huge difference.”
    But whether they’re stateside or overseas, Hayek makes spending alone time with Valentina a priority.
    “We have our dates that it’s just her and I, we have to have them,” she shares. ”They’re always at night, you know, we go to the movies or to dinner just her and I.”
    – Anya Leon