November 14, 2011



Japanese women’s vote for ” The face you want to be like ” was conducted by an entertainment company, ORICON,  in Japan.
In the vote, the No.1 status went to NANAKO MATSUSHIMA. She used to be a model and some year ago, she got married Takashi Sorimachi.  She recently is more like an actress than a fashion model.
I also used to like her, but now not in my concern.  This is just a rumore, but she is sometimes said that she might have taken plastic surgery on her face.  I often thought like that because her face was very flat when we see it from side angle many years ago, but some times later, her face suddenly began to stand out in relief.  As a personal feeling, I thought she might have taken plastic surgery then. Anyway, it”s just a rumore and my simple impression, not sure about it.
NANAKO MATSUSHIMA got the first prize for the first time on this contest.
Second voted girl is Keiko Kitagawa, and the thrid is Aoi Miyazaki at this contest.

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