November 07, 2011

Madonna-Gwyneth Paltrow fallout, Money Issues?


We thought the Madonna-Gwyneth Paltrow fallout was due to money issues…but now it appears there could have been boys involved.

The two were bestest buddies until mid-2010, when they suddenly stopped doing everything together and Star magazine reckons it's because Madge tried to move in on Gwyn's hubby, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin.

A source told the mag: "Madonna got a little too flirty with Chris, and the tension spilled over to her relationship with Gwnyeth."

If this is true, we reckon Gwyneth had the smarts to pull away — Madge is one hell of a man eater, after all.

The source also said that since Gwyn dropped Madge, everyone followed suit…and now the 53-year-old doesn't have any friends!

"She used to have a huge group who adored her… But now Gwyneth Paltrow, Stella McCartney, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kate Hudson, Fergie and everyone else have dumped her.”

"…when Gwyneth’s relationship with Madonna soured, so did everyone else’s. She got her friends in their circle to dump her too. And now Madonna’s really lonely because of it.”

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