November 14, 2011

Kate Middleton was Dressed in a Black double-breasted Coat

Suitable: The Duchess of Cambridge wore a black coat with a matching bowler-style hat which reflected the sombre mood of the Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph

The Duchess of Cambridge attended her first Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph today - giving an almost faultless performance.

The occasion dictated that all royal women from the Queen down wore black - a sombre colour for a sombre occasion.

But there was still plenty of scope for making a fashion statement despite the solemn nature of the annual event which is a public tribute to all Britain's war dead.

Kate Middleton was dressed in a black double-breasted coat by Diane von Furstenberg that sported two scarlet poppies - a look that had no significance, it just followed a precedent set by other members of the monarchy.

Her thoughts would have, no doubt, turned to her late grandfather Peter Middleton who trained Canada pilots during the Second World War in Calgary. He died last year, aged 90.

Like the other royal women the Duchess wore a distinctive hat - a small brimmed piece with a large bow by couture milliner Jane Corbett.

With the Duchess of Cornwall on her right and Countess of Wessex on her left she did not look out of place as both her companions sported striking headgear.

Also on the balcony was Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence, the husband of the Princess Royal.

Protocol dictates that those married into the family, with the exception of the Duke of Edinburgh, watch from a distance.

Camilla had a large brimmed hat that appeared to be covered in black ostrich feathers while Sophie's head apparel was a saucer-style creation worn at an oblique angle.

Kate is experiencing a succession of firsts since her marriage to William in April from her inaugural foreign tour - to Canada - to events like Trooping the Colour, to celebrate the Queen's official birthday.

Today was a time for reflection but during the ceremony Kate and Sophie were seen sharing a joke which had both of them in stitches. The Countess was almost doubled up with laughter as was the Duchess.

The royal pair may have been laughing after Camilla disappeared from view below a balcony at the Foreign and Commonwealth building after she appeared to bend down to pick up something she had dropped.

Some may disapprove of the moment of light relief shared by the royals during the ceremony but Kate was clearly enjoying the occasion which may have been a moment for her to catch up with other members of the royal family.

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