November 11, 2011

Julianne Nicholson's TV Movie Career

Among Julianne Nicholson's television credits are a supporting role in the television miniseries Storm of the Century and guest-starring roles in ER and Law & Order.
She began to work with some of television's top producers. She was tapped by Steven Spielberg for the lead role in the paranormal drama The Others. She then became one of the main cast members of the hit show produced by David E. Kelly, Ally McBeal for half a season. She worked with John Wells on the medical drama Presidio Med and Steven Bochco on the HBO pilot "Marriage". Julianne worked with Dick Wolf in his series on the short-lived NBC television drama, Conviction and in what is her best known role, as Megan Wheeler, in the sixth season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Nicholson said her favorite Criminal Intent episode was "Weeping Willow", which she described as "really different from a lot of the ones we've done before and very exciting and current." As of the Criminal Intent episode "Major Case", Nicholson departed the series and was replaced by actress Saffron Burrows. In 2011 she guest starred on Royal Pains as "Jess", one of Dr. Lawson's patients, suffering from panic attacks.

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