November 15, 2011

HOLLY Willoughby Talks about Her life

holly willoughby fashion shoot
HOLLY Willoughby is almost as famous for her enviable curves as she is for being a top TV presenter.
She’s made headlines for her clingy dresses with plunging necklines on Dancing On Ice and notched up dozens of column inches for her baby bumps.
But This Morning host Holly, 30, admits she’ll never have the killer body she had before giving birth to Harry, two, and Belle, six months.
Yet she’s immensely proud of her new figure and refuses to succumb to ­pressure to ping back into shape weeks after having a baby.
She said: “After having Harry, I don’t think I ever got back to my pre-baby weight. And now I’ve had another one.
“But I felt no pressure whatsoever to lose the weight. I just feel very proud to have had two children and my body reflects that I’m a mum of two.”
In fact, Holly’s planning to have lots more babies with husband Dan Baldwin, who she met on children’s TV show the Ministry Of Mayhem, in 2006.
She said: “We always wanted a big family and we love children.”
Holly’s had to brave criticism for her “daring” dress sense and for pouring her curves into figure-hugging outfits.
When she was pregnant with Belle, her sexy dresses on Dancing On Ice made headlines.
Holly said: “When I’m ­pregnant I get absolutely huge. I’m like a ­mechanical shovel. When I was pregnant this time around, I ate nothing but icing.
“But I knew when I’d had the baby the balance would come back. I only stuff myself like that when I’m pregnant.”

holly willoughby fashion shoot

Last month, Holly returned to presenting This Morning with co-host Philip Schofield, five months after giving birth to Belle.
For Holly, going back to work has never been nerve-racking -– as she’s managed to take her children along with her.
She said: “I’m lucky I can take my babies to work. I manage to get a good work-life balance.
“To be honest I don’t think women can win. Working mums get a tough time and stay-at-home mums get a tough time. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You just have to do what’s right for you.”
Holly admits she’s loved returning to work, alongside co-presenter and close friend Philip – despite the 7.30am starts.
She said: “It’s the best job in the world and working with Phil makes my day so much better. We have a laugh from the minute I get in. He’s a funny person and has a naughty streak so I spend most of the day laughing.”
Holly believes the pair have bonded as they both started out on kids TV. “I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” she says. “We both came out of the same mould. It makes for a good work ethic.
“I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Saturday morning TV.”
Holly claims she’s the luckiest girl in the world - to have landed her dream job at 30.
She said: “The funny thing is the worst moments, the most embarrassing ones, turn out to be the best moments.
“Like when Gino D’Acampo said he would cook naked if we won a National Television Award this year.
“I knew I had to look forward. If I glanced down at any point it would be freeze framed and splashed across the front of the papers the next day, making out like I was having a good old look.”
Holly juggles This Morning with Celebrity Juice and admits she’s still a huge X Factor fan, after presenting Xtra Factor for two years.
She said: “When I was working on the X Factor, I used to wish I was at home watching it with a glass of wine because I loved it so much.”
Holly’s successor, Konnie Huq, was slaughtered by critics for her presenting skills when she took the Xtra Factor reigns from Holly.
Holly was recently voted Britain’s top Yummy Mummy and manages to look immaculate on the This Morning sofa every day.
She has become an established clothes designer with a successful range for online boutique Very.
Holly joked: “I’m not like that at home. I work a lot so when I don’t it’s down time. I don’t put on make-up, I don’t blow-dry my hair and I literally grab anything I can shove on.
“On a practical front, if I’m taking Harry to the park and putting him on a slide I can’t wear something that, when I bend over, I’m going to flash my pants.
“Most things have leggings ­underneath nowadays.
“I take all that into account when I’m designing my collection.”
Holly admits she has learned to dress for her figure as she gets older.
She said: “When I’m designing my clothes I’m conscious that I’m a 30-year-old woman.
“There are all these teeny weeny tiny tea dresses in the shops but every time you sit down you’re flashing your thigh. I don’t want to be showing a load of leg like that.
“I think as you get older you know how to dress your own body. It’s far better to know your own body than look at others and compare yourself.”
The mum-of-two admits one of her style icons is best friend Fearne Cotton.
And she credits Fearne as being one of the most important influences in her life. The pair, who met doing children’s TV, have remained close and still enjoy girly nights in, drinking wine.
Holly said: “I think friendship is so important. There’s no stronger bond than that between two girls when they are best friends. It’s one of the most important relationships you will have.”
Holly and Fearne work together at Very - each designing their own range.
Holly said: “We are very different, though. Fearne is very on trend but I’m more about dressing a woman, about finding clothes that fit well and you look gorgeous in.
“I design clothes I would wear myself, I create a wardrobe for myself and I take into account keeping skirts a bit longer or covering the upper arm.
“I hope other people love the clothes as much as I do.”

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