November 12, 2011



Promises are meant to last forever and in order to keep the promise, a promise ring is exchanged between two people to cement their love for each other. The best promise ring is the diamond ring because both promises and diamonds last forever and are the symbol of true love.

Promise ring represents a promise to marry or any kind of pure vows. It’s not necessary to have only a diamond ring and you can purchase any pure ring to express your feeling towards your partner. Every relationship is based on faith and trust. It’s necessary to make the recipient aware of what the ring symbolizes for the two of you. Purity ring is intended to be a symbol of faith and trust between two partners until their marriage. It’s better to communicate the specific meaning that you attach to the promise ring while giving it to your partner. Wide promise rings is good to use as one can summarize their promise by engraving initials or name or words on it.

Promise ring is given when a person or a couple feels that right now they are not ready for marriage or engagement but they love each other and are serious about their relationship. It’s a symbol of pure relationship without any greed of physical satisfaction.

Nothing in this word is purer than love or its symbol. Purity ring is also exchanged between friends as a symbol of pure friendship. There are many styles of jewelry available for the ones you want to share your faith with. Bracelets and rings are available with crosses and Bible verses inscribed on them in many of the Christian stores. There are many Christian books available which give a brief on the life of faith, the rules of promise rings and its proper way of use.

There are some religious groups, where the concept of premarital sex is shunned, and so in such a situation a promise ring can be worn by a person to indicate that they have sworn to put off having sex until they are married. There are people who judge the seriousness of promise ring on the basis of their size and price. The main promise rings are pre-engagement promise rings, pure rings, friendship promise rings, and religious promise rings.

Promise rings can be given by both men and women. Nowadays, promise ring is more in demand among the youngsters. This ring is usually worn on the ring finger of the left hand and is usually not as expensive as an engagement ring. There are some cases where promise rings can be exchanged at any age between two individuals regardless to their relationship, for example: parents to children. Some parents give their child purity ring whether girl or boy in order to encourage them to practice self-discipline. Nowadays, even men wear promise rings as there is no reason why man cannot wear one because for both male and female the meaning of love is same and even the symbol.

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