November 25, 2011

Amy Adams got involved "The Muppets" movie

Hollywood has plenty of tried and true methods for convincing reluctant actors to join projects -- more money, bigger trailers, top billing, the list goes on -- but none, it seems, so effective as Kermit the Frog.

At a recent press conference, Amy Adams admits that Jason Segel used a rather unconventional tactic to get her to sign on to "The Muppets" movie. "I got involved because Jason and Kermit sent me a DVD singing to me and asking me to be in the film. I started crying," she says. "I was definitely doing the movie."

It's a particularly special film for her. Though she's done plenty of family-friendly movies, including "Enchanted," "The Muppets" was the first one she did since becoming a mother to her daughter Aviana.

"It was really, really cool to work with the Muppets," she says. "They were a big part of my childhood; every day was sort of me reliving my childhood while I had a child. And that was really, really cool and really special."

No stranger to musicals, Adams helped Segel learn the big Hollywood Boulevard dance number -- but he helped her out, too. "We actually learned that dance in about an hour on the same day we shot it, so I'm telling you Jason is actually much more talented that he gives himself credit for," she says. "He only broke a couple of ribs and he didn't drop me. But he did I think lift my skirt up on accident once."

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