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  • October 30, 2011

    Justin Bieber's Illusion About His Hair's Style

    JUSTIN Bieber wants to have hair like David Beckham.

    The Baby hitmaker — who cut off his longer locks earlier this year — is inspired by the British soccer ace to make sure he keeps changing his look and never stays the same for too long.

    W”I’m just trying to be like Beckham. Beckham changes his hair all the time. People didn’t even notice when he switched his hair up because he switched it up so much,” he said.

    Although the Canadian-born singer is one of the biggest stars in the world right now, he admits he has little time to chill out at his own pad because he continues to rent a house, and despite his love of cars he wants to make sure he has a home first.

    “I have a Range Rover. I haven’t gone out and bought a bunch of cars yet. I am into cars, but I want to get a house before I get cars,” he said.

    “I don’t really have a home. I’m renting, but I don’t have a place I call home yet.”

    Justin and his girlfriend have struck up a friendship with David and his wife Victoria Beckham and the pair were recently invited to lunch with the couple and their four children, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, nine, six-year-old Cruz, and three-month-old Harper.

    “I have met David more than once, but I haven’t met Victoria properly yet. They seem a really cool family, and I would like to spend more time with them in the future for sure . They have invited us [me and Selena] out for lunch,” Justin said.