October 09, 2017

Christina Aguilera STOP WEAR "BLACKS"

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Christina Aguilera just stepped on in public during daylight hours wearing sheer black tights, tiny black briefs and black pumps. I don't think "but I'm a popstar" is ever an excuse to go out in public without pants on.

Not only is it ridiculous to dress like that, did she not read the tabloids from the past two weeks? Every single news outlet was ripping into her for wearing that horribly unflattering outfit to the Michael Jackson Tribute show. In case you are an intelligent person who doesn't "keep up" with the latest celebrity gossip, let me just summarize what was going on with the much-talked-about outfit.

Christina wore a black leotard that kind of looked like the wore her spanx OUTSIDE her clothes. She paired it with some fishnets and hooker heels and a white wig that was so ratty and disheveled she could probably find some good use for it again if she wants to be a tranny zombie for Halloween.

So even though she made that sartorial misstep, she dressed very similarly AGAIN while she went shopping in LA.

She took a chauffeur-driven car with her assistant to West Hollywood, California to go shopping at Fred Segal and then racy lingerie shop, Agent Provacateur. She does know that she doesn't need to WEAR lingerie to go shopping for lingerie?

She left the shop with a huge bag of sexy undergarments.

Despite her flaunting her assets and buying up sexy lingerie, she says she hates her bloated body.

"Christina hates her thunder thighs," a friend told In Touch. She is so desperate to lose weight that she's hired a personal trainer, a dietician and even a hypnotist.

How is a hypnotist going to help? Every time you feel the urge to eat something, instead you'll quack like a duck.

Christina says her weight gain is a product of the stress in her life coming after her divorce and career mishaps.

"In light of the past year, there's been obvious setbacks...I've gone through a really hard divorce," Christina said earlier this year.

Well, one person is using Christina Aguilera's weight woes to her advantage. That person is Kelly Osbourne. Kelly has been getting it in with "Christina is fat" jokes.

In a recent episode of E!'s fashion police Kelly trash talked Christina, "She called me fat for years. I was never that fat." Then the other host of Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulous tried to defend Christina saying, that she is "still probably a 2/4" but Kelly quickly butted in, 'Trust me. I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4."

Ok, we get it, Kelly has some resentment towards Christina, but this isn't the first time that Kelly smack talked Christina. She previously said on her show, "Maybe she's just becoming the fat bitch she was always born to be. I don't know," says Kelly.

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