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  • September 27, 2011

    Tanzanite Bracelet

    Genuine Tanzanite Bracelet

    Made with the gem stone that is currently the most popular, a tanzanite bracelet will add value to your jewelry collection. Tanzanite bracelets will continue to rise in value as supplies of tanzanite dwindle. With it's terrific blue color, a tanzanite bracelet will surely get you noticed. 

    Discovered in 1967, originally known as blue zoisite, and renamed tanzanite by the people at Tiffany’s in New York, NY, tanzanite has been the object of many a person’s desires. The deep blue color transfixes a person’s gaze, and regardless of what it is worn with, a tanzanite bracelet adds a sense of self-confidence and shows a person’s individuality.


    Genuine Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet Genuine Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet
    Genuine Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet crafted in 14 kt Yellow Gold Dimensions: Length: 7.00 Inches2.50 Carats Tanzanite Color: Medium to Dark Violet Clarity: Eye Clean, 0.20 Carats Round Diamonds Color: I Clarity: SI1 - SI2 . Made in USA . Metal Available: 14 kt Yellow Gold, 14 kt White Gold.

    Genuine Tanzanite Bracelet Genuine Tanzanite Bracelet
    Genuine Tanzanite Bracelet crafted in 14 kt White Gold Dimensions: Length: 7.00 Inches13 Stones 3.50 Carats Oval Tanzanite 5x3mm. Color: Medium to Dark Violet Clarity: Eye Clean . Made in USA . Metal Available: 14 kt White Gold, 14 kt Yellow Gold.

    The only known supply of tanzanite will be exhausted within the next twenty years. If you have a chance to purchase a tanzanite bracelet, go for it. Ours is the only generation that will be able to be labeled first time owners of tanzanite. After the supply of these tanzanite bracelets is gone, they will only be available as resale items or items that are handed down from one generation to the next. Prices for tanzanite bracelets and other tanzanite jewelry are climbing at a steady pace. Currently, the price for tanzanite ranges from $225 per carat to $1500 or more per carat. It would be wise to invest in tanzanite jewelry at this time.


    Tanzanite and Diamond 14k White Gold Bracelet Tanzanite and Diamond 14k White Gold Bracelet
    A Tanzanite lovers dream. Five carats of rich Tanzanite gemstones complimented with fine Diamonds set in a 14kt white gold bracelet. (B3134-DT) 7" 1,995. 10 Tanzanite gemstones weigh 5 carats (5x4mm each) Excellent blue-purple color 20 bright white Diamonds weigh .60 carats (approx G-H SI) Bracelet measures 7" x 1/4" wide Weighs approx 14.7 grams Box and tongue lock clasp with safety catch Also available in Pink Sapphire, please specify

    CLOSEOUT - 14k White Gold Tanzanite Bracelet with Diamonds

    Color and cut are things to watch for when purchasing a tanzanite bracelet. Each tanzanite gem stone should have a cut that is symmetrical and centered. The most desired and valuable stone will show a deep blue color—the deeper, the better.


    Caution must be exercised when wearing a tanzanite bracelet. The tanzanite gem stone is not as durable as some other stones. It’s important to make sure that the tanzanite bracelet you choose has its stones in a protective setting. Avoid coming into contact with acids, and never wear your tanzanite bracelet while doing excessive physical activities.


    The best cleaning method for a tanzanite bracelet is warm, soapy water. Never expose it to ultrasonic cleaning methods.



    8.39 ct. tw. 14k Yellow Gold Trillion Cut Genuine Fine Quality Deep Rich Color Tanzanite and Diamond Bracelet with 5 Year Warranty and Manufacturers Appraisal