Joanna Barnes (born 15 November 1934) is an American actress and writer.  
Julianne Hough Date of Birth20 July 1988, Salt Lake City, Utah, US  
Lady Gaga is a theatrical dance-pop performer whose debut single 
 Maurice Sendak chose the Rosenbach Museum & Library in Philadelphia, PA to be the repository for his work
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  • September 27, 2011

    She is a celebrity daughter and has been in the spotlight ever since she was two. Nevertheless, Lily Collins, daughter of British musician Phil Collins, is still surprised when people call out her name on the red carpet.
    Collins has landed some impressive projects and has worked with stars including Sandra Bullock and Taylor Lautner in high-profile movies "Priest," "Abduction" and an adaptation of the best-selling YA series "The Mortal Instruments." A few months later, she was offered the role of Snow White in Relativity Media's Julia Roberts vehicle.
    But the young actress says she needs more time to get used to the Hollywood way of life. "It feels very surreal," she told MTV at the "Abduction" red carpet. "It's weird getting out of a car and people are saying my name. It's still a weird concept to me."
    Collins idolizes Keira Knightley, Kate Winslet and
    Meryl Streep. "I like that none of them have stuck themselves in a box," she said. "They've done all sorts of roles - comedic, dramatic, they've gone from indies to big motion pictures. I love their choices."
    Apart from acting, Collins has written columns for various publications, including Elle Girl, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and the Los Angeles Times magazine.
    Collins covered the 2008 U.S. presidential campaign as a host on the Nickelodeon show "Kids Pick the President." She won a 2008 Young Hollywood Award for "Newest Red Carpet Correspondent."

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