September 19, 2011

Justin Bieber Watch

Justin Bieber usually wears G-Shock watches, mainly being the Limited Edition Watch US Open of Surfing one.  There are a number of watches under this brand, available in different colors, which he has a large selection of, including the G-Lides.

You can purchase these online via the official G-Shock website at  Famous technology brand, Casio, design and manufacture these durable and waterproof watches for men.

Justin Bieber has been seen and photographed wearing a number of different colors of the G-Shock watch.  This includes red, purple, white and black.

As he is so famous and has a very large, dedicated fan base, many of his supporters have been buying these watches, just so they can be like him and share something in common.  It has been great promotion for the Casio brand, as sales have rocketed in the last couple of years.

Even Usher has been seen wearing a white G-Shock watch in a photo with Justin Bieber, with his red version.  The teenage pop star has worn many of them in his music videos too, such as ‘One Time’ and ‘Never Let You Go’.

You may even be able to purchase the G-Shock watches online at websites such as eBay and Amazon.  The website is respectively.

You will need to make sure that you go to the correct version of the website for your country, such as the ‘’ if you are in the UK.  It is a good idea to check around various websites first to see which ones offer the best prices, and whether there are different versions available to purchase.

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