September 17, 2011

Hair Tips from Top Hairstylists

If you thought getting tips from the top stylists around the globe is expensive, then you were wrong! We bring you tips from none other than three hairstylists right away: Larry Sims, Sarah Potempa, and Rodney Cutler, who’ve cut the tresses and styled the who’s who from the world of entertainment and sports. Here we go:

1. When you are looking forward to a new haircut, think about styling along with it, not separately. Take time to decide that you may not be wearing your hair in style daily, but you may need to on special occasions. Take time to decide the style and consult your ‘look’ with your stylist.

2. Use highlighting as sparingly as possible. While clubbing colouring and highlighting compliment well together, it is really not needed all the time. It is better if you rather experiment with colours.

3. While at it, listen to your stylist only so far it permits your pocket! Spa treatment, conditioning, massage, et al, though helpful in nourishing, need not be done all the time. it depends on what you feel and when to go for the lengthy treatments.

4. When styling your hair, inform your stylist or remember the dress you will wear on your special occasion. A bob cut may not exactly suit a flowery gown to go with it!

5. Trims and cuts are two different genres. Do not mix the two. For health of hair, get trims, for look, get the cut. Overdoing anything is injurious to health!

6. Shampooing daily is not needed for all. But conditioning, with whichever conditioner you can afford, is essential.

7. Most importantly, you need to know how to carry off the style. A great style, but one in which you are not comfortable, will spoil both your mood and the look. So, discuss before you go for the styling.

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